Durable Water Repellant
The Parca brand ‘Heavy Weight’ premium cloth was developed to be a modern recreation of the rugged fabrics used in military and athletic garments in the 50’s and 60’s. Our heavy weight fleece is a 420gsm semi brushed 100% cotton terry cloth. Heavy, comfy and warm as hell. Our heavy weight jersey is a 250 gsm rubby fabric that holds shape even when stretched out. By running two threads through the loom during the weaving process this fabric is not only heavy it is also very dense making it incredibly durable. In fact this fabric is the same style used for sports teams in contact sports long before the modern stretch nylons had been created.
Originally developed by early mariners who noticed wet sails were more efficient than dry ones, waxed fabrics have been around for centuries. Parca Equipment Co. has created a modern adaptation of this historic material. Permawax® is our specifically formulated wax treatment applied this season to a lightweight high density nylon canvas. We impregnate the fibres with a synthetic wax formula before weaving them into a high-density fabric, drastically reducing the risk of mould and the need for frequent re- waxing. Permawax® gives our garments a classic aesthetic of eras past while remaining a breathable, water resistant functional item in your wardrobe. Here’s to questionable weather.
Developed in the US during the 1950’s, 60/40 fabric is a combination of 60% cotton and 40% nylon. The cotton and nylon fibres are woven perpendicular to each other into a dense fabric that actually increases in density when wet, moisture spreads quickly across the fabric surface for rapid evaporation. In dry conditions, the fabric is extremely breathable, perfect for vigorous outdoor activities.

Extremely durable, jackets made out of 60/40 fabric have been known to last a lifetime of outdoor punishment. We have developed our own lighter weight version of the original fabric for this season and executed it in the way of the ‘Watamu’ action short, our ‘Gendarme’ packable anorak and a selection of head wear styles.

The unique and look and hand feel of the 60/40 fabric gives these items in our collection a somewhat nostalgic aesthetic making them instant classics to be enjoyed for years to come.